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Rough Concrete

Posted on June 10, 2013 at 8:56 PM
May 31, 2013
Elite Floor Services just finished installing approximately 1100 sq ft of engineered hardwood in a condo in the Tyson's Corner area. It was in an old building. The concrete was very un-level. The original floors were failing. We poured 18, 50 lb bags of self leveler. We then used 15 more, 25 lb bags, of leveler to smooth the rough concrete. It came out great. 

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Reply 46465
5:46 AM on April 24, 2018 
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4:45 AM on April 27, 2018 
The more finishing installing the topics and better process always,I am getting here about the floors are failing. The smooth concrete will be helpful and making the chances to know bags for hardwood very un level process.
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12:11 AM on October 9, 2018 
Your floor service has a great reputation! Keep things going, friend!
2:01 AM on January 6, 2019 
Reply propapers
2:11 AM on January 6, 2019 
46465 says...

I wonder how good this looks like. I can't wait to witness the result of the installation. And since you have mentioned that it was an old building, I am sure that everything became good as new after the improvements that you have done in the said building. Please let us also see how great this is once everything has been furnished. You see, I am really into renovations of building or even houses. I want to see the before and after of its appearance. Anyway, thanks for updating us with this. I truly appreciate the effort and all.
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8:44 AM on February 7, 2019 
Okay, that's nice to know. Thanks for sharing such info here.
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7:59 AM on May 14, 2019 
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7:29 AM on May 20, 2019 
1100 sq. fit is so huge and wide I am so proud of you guys because I know you done it well and great. I know the old building looks stunning and new now because of the new floor that you guys installed. Please post some picture of before and after of your work so that we us your customer see the good result of your installment. I am sure that many customers will inquire and book to your service now.
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